Super Type

One of our most popular products, this 0.4mm thick material has a strong PVC carrier which reduces the risk of axis problems. Its synthetic adhesive is compatible with many coating types and removes cleanly every time from both organic and mineral lense.


An entry-level pad for general purpose applications. European quality material at a very competitive price for the high volume lab.

Standard Blue

A classic product made from 0.8mm foam with long ageing acrylic adhesive. Originally developed for mineral lenses this is an excellent general-purpose pad used extensively around the world. Can also be supplied with green or white liner if required.


Red Five

Red Five gives excellent resistance to torque combined with good conformability. Modified acrylic adhesive bonds well to the widest range of lenses currently available


Special Torque-resistant Edging Pad. This 0,8mm PE foam pad features a unique internal support film to prevent stretching and thus reduce axis problems. The high-tack acrylic adhesive is clean removable in one piece thanks to our double linered pull tab. A premium product suitable for all kinds of lenses.


This PE foam pad features a unique internal reinfocement to prevent stretching and thus reduce axis problems. Moreover it is provided with two different adhesives. One side (dark green color) has a special engineered adhesive  that attaches to Super Hydrophobic coatings and the other side (black color) has an adhesive specially for the block. side. Both adhesives are clean removable.


This PE foam pad features a unique internal reinforcement to prevent stretching an thus reduce axis problems. Moreover it is provided with the latest hybrid adhesive technology. One side has a special engineered adhesive that attaches to the latest generation Super Hydrophobic coatings and the other side has an adhesive specially for the block side. Both adhesives are clean removable.

XPad I (English)

This Lens Edging Application Pad has a specially engineered very strong high density PE foam carrier which has the highest axis torsion resistance ever. The unique special engineered hybrid adhesive will prevent slippage as never before. That is why Xpad I is usable on all standard coated and almost on any hard to bond Super and Ultra Hydrophobic lenses. It is even usable on hard to stick lenses from Asian companies. You could say its the best and our first one pad fits (almost) all.

XPad I (Français)

Cette pastille d'application de débordage du verre a un support en mousse fabriqué en matière PE de très haute densité qui possède une résistance à la torsion axiale du verre la plus élevée jamais atteinte. Cet adhésif hybride unique évitera les glissements/dérapages comme jamais auparavent. C'est pourquoi la pastille est utilisable sur tous les verres à revêtements standards et quasiment sur n'importe quel verre difficile à fixer Super et Ultra hydrophobique. Elle peut même être utilisée sur des verres difficiles à coller provenant d'entreprises asiatiques. Le papier sur le haut évite toute charge statique gênante.

XPad I (Italiano)

Questo Cuscinetto di Applicazione per Finitura di Lenti è dotato di un supporto in schiuma poliuretanica ad alta densità, molto resistente, progettato appositamente per resistere alla più alta torsione assiale di sempre. Questo adesivo ibrido progettato appositamente è unico nel suo genere ed è in grado di prevenire lo slittamento come mai prima d'ora. Ecco perché il cuscinetto è utilizzabile su tutte le lenti ultra e super idrofobiche con rivestimento standard e su quasi tutte quelle difficili da fissare. È utilizzabile perfino con le lenti difficili da incollare prodotte dalle aziende asiatiche. La pellicola di rivestimento in carta evita la fastidiosa carica statica.Si potrebbe affermare che questo cuscinetto è il migliore e il primo da noi prodotto, in grado di adattarsi a (quasi) tutto.

XPad I (Polski)

Ten przylepiec blokujący do szlifowania soczewek ma specjalnie opracowany bardzo silny i bardzo gęsty nośnik z pianki polietylenowej, który ma najwyższą wytrzymałość na skręcanie osiowe. Unikatowy, specjalnie opracowany klej hybrydowy zapewnia najlepsze właściwości przeciwpoślizgowe. Dzięki temu przylepca można używać na wszystkich soczewkach ze standardowymi powłokami i prawie wszystkich z powłokami o wysokiej i bardzo wysokiej hydrofobowości. Można go nawet używać na soczewkach firm z Azji o niskiej przyczepności. Górne podłoże papierowe zapobiega gromadzeniu ładunku elektrostatycznego. Przylepiec jest przeznaczony do praktycznie wszystkich soczewek, z wyjątkiem soczewek bez powłoki. Można powiedzieć, że jest to najlepszy i nasz pierwszy przylepiec pasujący (prawie) do wszystkiego.